The Year I Was Lovely Rita, Meter Maid Public Post
Oct 31, 1993

I wish now my background hadn’t been my messy dorm room, but ah well. College.

In college everyone knew that I was the resident Beatlefreak. Luckily, I made a bunch of friends who were also fans, but I was always the most nutty, celebrating the Beatle birthdays with cakes and parties.

My freshman year when Halloween rolled around, it was a no brainer that I would choose a Beatles character for my costume. Because my entire summer had been spent listening to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, and because the name I’d use to sign in at frat parties that fall was “Rita Mayde” (I didn’t want the sororities to have my real name or they’d try to recruit me), I thought Lovely Rita was an easy answer.

Plus, I already had the suit and a notepad (to write “tickets”), so all I had to find was the hat.

As we were all getting ready that night, I played the song on repeat at the loudest volume our stereo would play. Our nasty next door neighbor came over to complain that she couldn’t hear to study.

I was the biggest nerd in the world, but who studies on Halloween?

We turned the music down and were soon headed to a nearby costume party.

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Comments (2)

Indi Rinearson - about 3 years ago

Clever! But where’s the bag across your shoulder? :)

Tassoula - about 3 years ago

I did have one, but the photographer said the notebook would look more maid-like. ;)