Nov 4, 2011 5:23:29 PM
Holiday Music from Utopia Latin Band Public Post
Dec 13, 2011 7:48:56 PM

Utopia Latin Band performing at Bellevue Square on the Holiday Entertainment Stage.

It was the perfect way to warm up our day.

Last Tuesday, The Clark Family visited Bellevue Square to see Patty Carrion Moras play keyboards with husband Miguel in the Utopia Latin Band. Along with Jeff on standup bass and Ricardo on Congas, the band added warmth to the cold December night at the mall!

The music was upbeat and tight. Saucy and beats and beautiful harmonies cut through the mall and brought people to the stage from all points. Eventually the crowd was standing because all the chairs were taken. We were fortunate enough to be in the front.

During one of the songs, Jack started to wiggle around. Soon the wiggling became dancing, and finally became freestyle moves. He was having a great time, and people enjoyed watching him rip up the floor. Cart wheels? Yeah! Handstands and mock pushups with his feet of the floor? Check! Hip-hop embedded with martial arts moves? All there! It was a blast to see him move to the band’s wonderful beat.

We couldn’t stay for the final part of their gig (my fault…I go to work very very early in the morning). But every moment we spent listening was fun-filled and positive. Great music, great people!

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Comments (2)

Sherry Lillywhite Clark - over 2 years ago

It was an awesome concert!

Patty Carrion Moras - over 2 years ago

Thank you both for coming, and bringing the kiddos along! It was amazing to finally meet them.