Sep 21, 2010 11:09:57 AM
Life Imitating Art Public Post

In February I found a Canon S400 digital camera at Goodwill for $7.99. After buying a memory card, two batteries and a charger, I discovered that the sensor is either dirty or shorting out. It takes pictures crazier than I have ever seen before.

Almost crazy enough to be random art.

I couldn’t believe it when I downloaded the pictures today and saw one that looked vaguely familiar. Why? Because it reminded me a lot of The Scream) by Edvard Munch. The digital picture of David was random and un-posed.

Happy accident!

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Comments (7)

Jonathan Icasas - about 3 years ago

whaaaaaaaaaat?! this is awesome! makes me want to see what resurrects out of an old, broken digicam i have laying around.

Kurt Clark - about 3 years ago

Would love to see it if you do! There are a few more pictures off this camera that I’m going to compile in a gallery on another post. Some of the shots are amazingly alluring in an alien-world kind of way.

Nadja Haldimann - about 3 years ago

This it totally awesome. Do you still have this camera?

Kurt Clark - about 3 years ago

Yep, I still have it! After spending all the money on batteries and chargers etc. I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it.

Nadja Haldimann - about 3 years ago

Does it do that to all the photos it takes? If so you should take it on a trip around town and see what magic it can create! Hey, I’d borrow it just for it’s special effects! :)

Kurt Clark - about 3 years ago

Great idea! About 95% of the pictures come out like this, while the other 5% is a mix of normal or just plain dark. It’s mostly random. A picture I took of a coffee mug was downright creepy, like the mug itself was melting.

Look for a portfolio of pix soon :) You are welcome to borrow it if you like Nadja!

Nadja Haldimann - about 3 years ago

Can’t wait to see the pics and maybe we can find a time for me to borrow it for a weekend… could be a fun experimental project.