Mar 15, 2011 5:17:33 PM
Journey’s end Public Post

Our 2,500-mile carp odyssey ended as it began: in a biting wind, desperately needing gloves to take notes.

We interviewed Josh Mogerman of the Natural Resources Defense Council, which wants to put up a concrete or metal barrier in the river near this park. It’s controversial, but his group and others see it as the best solution for keeping invasive species from moving between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.

Just as Brian and I were getting good at choosing cheap motels, packing and unpacking in five minutes, arranging interviews on the fly and finding new friends on the road, it was over.

We’ve posted only tidbits here, but stay tuned to the Free Press over the next few weeks as we prepare deeper stories, photos and video of what we discovered on our trip.

And Brian, thanks for your company—other than family, I couldn’t have done this with anyone else!

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