Sep 21, 2010 11:09:57 AM
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Feb 8, 2011 8:39:26 AM

OUCH !: Blogged at belredroad.posterous.com/phantom-lake-walkabout

Another innocent hard-working mailbox loses its dignity to the end of a wooden bat. So many have gone before it, and yet without help there will be many more ahead.

This is OUCH. He has nowhere to go. OUCH is bolted to a platform, privy to the elements and enemies that make his a dangerous world. Out here on the mean streets of Bellevue, there is no quarter for OUCH or his friends, who can only expect an early mangling from those who seek the selfish desire for fun and mayhem. It is a world where OUCH can no longer survive.

Abuse takes the lives of over 27,000 mailboxes nationwide each year. And it must stop. That is why I have started the Eastside Mailbox Advocates Group (EMAG) to combat this bat-wielding evil. For only the cost of a Trenta soy whip half-decaf mocha frappe each day, you can contribute to like-minded individuals to can give the care and rehabilitation for mailboxes like OUCH. His time is past, but with your help we can save those like OUCH. Before it’s too late. For all of us.

Please give today. EMAG awaits your call. Don’t let OUCH down.

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Peter Rinearson - about 3 years ago