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Jul 31, 2010 2:53:23 PM

I met Craig Ackerman today at the Georgetown Farmers Market in Seattle. Very engaging guy. With his wife – a lovely German lady named Katja – he runs an Indian catering service called Tandoozy. Their motto: “we make food for Naan believers.” That’d include me. Their chicken tikka masala, made from tandoori chicken cooked in their own tandoori ovens, was yummy. The tandoor is a traditional Indian oven that reaches a very high heat, and stands waist-high or more, in a barrel or urn shape. Long skewers of marinated chicken, lamb, hearty fish, or shrimp are placed inside, and flattened discs of Indian bread called Naan are stuck to the sides. Best yet, Craig will build you your own Tandoori oven at annual “casting” time. His are powered with tanks of fuel piped into a heating element at the bottom, not the traditional wood fire. But they yield authentic results.

Negotiations are underway at home. I’ve always wanted one of these. It seems obvious to me there’s ample room on the lower rear deck.

Tandoozy will be be launching their own mobile kitchen on wheels in the next few months. Follow their Twitter feed.

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Lara Seven Phillips - over 3 years ago

I know these folks- they are wonderful people AND their food is delicious. They also usually are at the Fremont Sunday Market as well.

Matt Rosenberg - over 3 years ago

Cool, glad to hear you know them too. I enjoyed just hanging out and connecting with vendors at the Georgetown Farmers Market, and in the funky-vibey local business district adjacent. They’re all there to make money, sure, but really for the interaction too. Another nice spot across Georgetown is the Hawaiian restaurant on 6th Ave. S. Same deal, wonderful people who just really enjoy what they’re doing (and serve great food).