Sep 1996
Me and Big Daddy – Medina WA [1997] Public Post
Aug 12, 1997 7:33:33 PM

Hey everybody! Look at the thin guy!

Friend/Coworker Nancy Sackman took this photo as part of photography class she was in. Or it was just practice. It’s been so long. Either way, she gave me two large prints of the photos she took, the one you see here and another where I had a very distorted look on my face.

I like this print better.

The car is Big Daddy, our 1959 Chevy Biscayne. We bought Big Daddy a few months before this photo was taken. He’s still with us. Tired, and in need of repairs, but still a part of our family.

The building behind us is the Medina Green Store, famous for its red doors and for being around longer than anything else in the area. The building in the 1997 photo was demolished in the last decade, due to nearly a century of wear and tear that was not reversible. But the building that is there now was built to look like the old one. Very cool; it even has a Facebook page.

In 1997 I was riding my road bike for over an hour per day, and sometimes two or more. I would intentionally extend my commute by riding up to Bothell from North Bellevue, and then back south into Redmond before climbing the hill to get home. Around this time I didn’t touch the steering wheel of a car for an entire month, in an effort to ride my bicycle everywhere. That’s how I could weigh roughly 160 pounds in this photo, and still eat Urban Food Logs 24/7.

While I could never get back to that weight, I sure would like to get closer than I am now :)

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Comments (2)

Wistar Rinearson - about 3 years ago

It’s a great photo. It looks a little surreal, almost as if shot on a set.

Kurt Clark - about 3 years ago

I also think it’s great photo, and am thankful Nancy had the eye to capture it like she did! The shot was overexposed however, and I had to fiddle with it to bring out some detail. That may explain some of the contrast you’re seeing.