Jan 14, 2011
Coming soon: More publicity for @toppot doughnuts? Public Post
Jan 27, 2011 9:54:35 AM

A film crew has set up equipment inside the Belltown Top Pot Doughnuts made famous by Obama’s pre-election visit last year.

Passers-by say it’s either The Food Network or The Cooking Channel. I’ve never heard of the latter, but wouldn’t be surprised if it exists.

Not seeing crew members right now…

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Marie Montemayor - about 3 years ago

I noticed that as well this morning. But at 7:45 there was maybe one camera in there at that point — so I didn’t think much of it. Gotta wonder! Cooking Channel is a sister station of the Food Network, so either or would be fantastic. :) #foodie

Kristy Bolsinger - about 3 years ago

That’s awesome! My understanding is The Cooking Channel is a new stations owned by the Food Network. They got a lot of attention when the new Seahawk Mr. Golden Tate got in a bit of trouble for breaking in to the one in Belltown when he had a late night craving – he lived upstairs from there at the time I guess. LOL

Mónica Guzmán Preston - about 3 years ago

Ok, now that I’m back at a computer — the Cooking Channel does exist. Thanks, Kristy! And yeah, the Golden Tate episode was hilarious. Top Pot’s had an interesting year.

Tim Haywood - about 3 years ago

They have maple bars the size of my forearm. Love them.

Erik Speckman - about 3 years ago

When I was in there later this morning, they were setting up a Canon 5D on a really tall camera stand, and generally making the employees nervous.

@Tim, did you get a crack at one of their bacon maple bar prototypes?

Wistar Rinearson - about 3 years ago

The Cooking Channel resembles what Food Network used to be before it became about silly competitions and mediocre cake decorators.