Jun 21, 2008
Senior sleepover Public Post

Unlike middle school, I loved high school. I made so many long lasting friendships had a bunch of great teachers and became more self aware and confident. I’m amazed the number of friends I still stay in contact with from high school.

At SHS it is a long standing tradition that the night before the seniors graduate they sleep over at the school. Everyone pitches tents in the grass in front of the school and for the most part no one sleeps. It’s one of those events you look forward to as a freshman. It is also the time the senior prank is performed. Ours was really lame. We blocked the halls with tents so people couldn’t get to class and it was quickly disbanded. Some students also saran wrapped a bunch of desks and chairs in one of the English classes to look like a Norse battle ship (so that one was kinda cool). One year, someone put SHS up for auction on ebay and another time all of the desks from all the classrooms were moved into the gym.

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