I Was There – Star Wars in Seattle, 1977 Public Post

Photo courtesy of Thomas Duchnicki

I saw the first Star Wars movie at the UA 70 Theater on 6th Avenue, when it was released May 25, 1977.

The night it came out, our Dad took me and my sisters downtown. The line was several blocks long, meaning we would be standing there through at least two showings. Bummer that it was, we turned around and went home.

A few weeks later, after some of the hype had settled, me and two friends piled on to a Metro Bus in Shoreline and headed to downtown Seattle for a Saturday show. We were barely 13 years old, unaccompanied and each carrying enough money for bus fare and movie ticket. We still had to stand in line while the first show of the day finished.

We sat near the front of the theater. The screen was huge – floor-to-ceiling huge – and wraparound. The movie on the big screen was amazing, like nothing my friends and I had ever seen before. When the Imperial Battle Cruiser rolled across the screen in the early part of the movie, the entire audience uttered a universal “Whoa!” The soundtrack was loud and in Stereo. With a screen so large I felt like I was actually in space. Each scene added yet another layer of wonder and amazement. And when it was over, everyone clapped and cheered. It wasn’t just a movie; it was an experience!

I have the original versions of the first three movies on VHS. Thirty-three years later, I still watch them through the eyes of a 13-year old.

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Comments (3)

Tassoula - almost 3 years ago

Thanks for bringing back a good memory—I saw it in Portland at age 2. It was my first movie in a theater (and yes I remember it).

Kurt Clark - almost 3 years ago

Wow, that’s an amazing accomplishment! I bet it was quite a sight for a preschool mind. Coincidence that that you critique movies now? I think not!

Travel Monkey - almost 3 years ago

I like the original versions without the added CGI stuff that Lucas added in. My mom thought I was too young (4) to see it so my dad took my brothers first and when they determined that it wasn’t too scary for me, we all went to see it again. I think my brothers went 5 times that summer.