Life is a series of moments
As you cross paths with others, share memories with them…or with the world
Julia grabs her moments with gusto, from Belle to biology to birthdays... See her albums
Your Moments.
Post your photos. Import your Instagrams. Jot a few words.
Joanna tells stories from roads well-loved and well-traveled. See her albums
Your Passions.
Chart your travels. Organize your collections. Mark your favorites.
David shares many lives: father, engineer, photographer, wanderer. See his albums
Your Lives.
Tell your stories. Save what matters. Share your world.
20 things you'll love about Intersect
Map your life across time.
Easiest posts ever
You don’t need to design or code to get great results. Zero to done—just like that.
Multiple albums…blogs… journals.
Call them albums, blogs, or journals. Each is
a collection of stories. Place a story on as many albums as you like, each with its own topic
and audience. Learn More »
Private or public
You decide who can view a story or album
of yours. Period. Learn More »
Borrow stories
Borrow stories from other people to any of your albums. (The story’s owner controls who gets to see it, though.) Learn More »
Time travel
Move through time with our interactive time selector. See your stories, or the posts of others, during a span of time. Learn More »
Post Intersect stories to Facebook and log into Intersect through Facebook.
Embed an album map
in your blog
Embed the interactive album map in your
blog or other site. Learn More »
Post Intersect stories to Twitter and log into Intersect through Twitter.
Your life in your pocket
Take your stories with you, or tell
or discover new ones, with the
Intersect iPhone app. Learn More »
Easily import Instagrams onto a timeline and map. Share if you'd like. Learn More »
Cross paths at intersections
When your posts have a time and place,
see who else was there and what they’ve
posted. Watch the video »
Claim your name
Choose any available username,
five characters or longer.
Don’t get stuck
with a pin
Pinpoints on a map are
common, but Intersect
goes one better. Places
are regions—as tiny as
a pinpoint or as large
as a continent.
Find and tell stories based
on when they happened,
not just when they were
You own your work
You keep the copyright to your stories,
under Intersect’s Terms of Service.
Intersect is encrypted (https), reducing
security concerns
Multiple photos
Stories can have up to 50 photos. Watch the video »
Intersect displays video from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-hosting services. Watch the video »
Search and filter by tags
It’s the right price. Free
All kinds of people use Intersect
Map and share your
journeys easily.
Download your favorite photos and create an interactive trip diary. Build separate albums to share your vacations with family and friends. Join Nadja on a trip to Hawaii Travel with Dean around the world.
Capture your child’s moments and share
as you like.
Build your child’s story from the day they are born – or starting today. Create albums for your family members and share them selectively. Enjoy Patty’s adventures with her family.
Save your memories
on a map/timeline.
Organize and save your photos and stories onto separate albums. Create an album for your child’s school, the baseball team or your summer vacation. Take inspiration from Kristin’s photo-a-day project.
Create a map/timeline
and embed on your blog.
Capture your photos and posts on an interactive album with a map. Embed your album on your blog. See Rachel “Intersect” with her readers at wtforever21 Scroll through John’s travel logs.
Display your stories
in new ways.
Share your 2012 campaign coverage on a album with a map. Invite readers to contribute stories about a moment in time. Join Michael on a trip down Recession Road.
Tell your history as
you make it.
Chronicle the changes in your neighborhood. Create an album for your project and show its progress. Map your cause. Watch Occupy Wall Street make history, one day at a time.
Discover and connect
with others.
Organize your collection on a album with a map. Create an album for your child’s sports team. Follow your favorite band on tour. Witness Tassoula’s passion for U2.